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Our Vanidosa 360 Support Back Pillow is great to use after surgery. When using your Bootylicious Pillow, this support back pillow allows for extra support and comfort all while assisting with your posture. This support back pillow is also great to use after a breast augmentation! You can place the back side of the pillow on your tummy. This allows you to sleep comfortably without affecting your brests. It can also be used after a tummy tuck! Once your doctor allows you to sleep on your tummy it is always a great idea to add more support for extra comfort. This multi-use support pillow can also be used under your legs for support when elevating your feet. Our Vanidosa 360 Support Pillow has a great shape, and firm but soft foam to provide comfort and the versatility to use in many different ways to make your recovery an easier and comfortable process.

Vanidosa 360 Support Pillow

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