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The Thick-A-Licious Booty Pillow Kit comes with a firm foam thick booty pillow along with our 360 back pillow support. Thick-A-Licious booty pillow provides extra support and added height to keep your booty at full gravity especially for all dolls who are already thick or going for their next BBL round. This pillow helps with the survival rate of your fat transfer. It also has a memory foam top to provide added comfort to assist with eliminating the possibility of slowing your circulation. Our 360 Support Pillow can be used in many different ways however is mainly used to provide back support which is much needed after a lipo, tummy tuck, BBL, and/or breast augmentation. It assists with great posture and support whether you are sitting down or laying down. This Pillow kit will make your recovery process easier and more comfortable while you SLAY!

Thick-A-Licious Pillow kit

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